How to Prevent Thinning Hair and Hair Loss?

Can’t afford expensive hair fall treatment but worried about your excessive hair loss? Shedding hair can be one of the major reasons for shedding self-confidence! Our current lifestyle makes us even more prone to problem like hair fall, which ultimately leads to greater concern such as hair loss.

Dealing with hair loss is anyone’s nightmare. Nothing’s worse than the panic you experience when you realize you’re losing way more hair than what’s normal.

Your hair is precious. That’s why at Fair and silky store, we believe that investing in high-quality hair care products and taking a holistic and proactive approach to beauty is the first step to a lifetime of healthy hair. Fair and silky is committed to timeless products that bring out that special kind of confidence.

I’ve put together a list of the best hair care products offered by fair and silky.


hOEDO Morocco Hair Growth Essence is the miracle treatment for Men And Women which combats hair fall and enhances hair growth. This herbal essence has a unique effect of hair conditioner and strengthens the hair follicles and root shafts, thus inhibiting hair fall. This component also rebuilds and strengthens the hair shafts. Moreover, its medicinal properties help reduce hair thinning. Regular use of OEDO hair essence keeps your hair healthy and shiny.

It helps your hair grow in a natural way by activating dormant hair follicle germ tissues on the scalp and stops DHT production. It rapidly helps grow and nourish your hair effectively. After using this amazing essence, you’ll notice that your hair becomes thicker, fuller and longer within 30 days of continuous use.


*Makes the hair grow 2-3 times faster than the normal growing speed
*Rejuvenate damaged, dry, and frizzy hair with just one bottle.
*Deeply hydrate and nourish skin and hair. 
*Reduce hair bifurcation


Kairfoll-Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is a revolutionary approach against hair loss. An ultra-concentrated formula infused with amino acids, biotin, inositol, and B-vitamins to visibly increase the density of hair. Its advanced technology supports the follicles to promote healthy-looking locks. Delivering gentle, yet effective cleansing to prevent damage to hair, the shampoo is ideal for slow-growing and thinning hair, or for weak fibers in need of strengthening. Suitable for all hair types, including color-treated, you can expect denser, fuller looking locks.

• Helps fight hair loss.
• Nourishes and strengthens hair.
• Conditions the scalp.
• Prevents the formation of dandruff and regulates the sebaceous secretion.


Kairfoll Anti Hair Loss Conditioner, which is utilized in conjunction along with Kairfoll Anti Hair Loss Capillare Lotion vials proves to be highly effective in conflicting hair fall.

An advanced hair and scalp conditioning formula that works to visibly increase hair thickness and restore softness. An innovative form of Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein is combined with amino acids, biotin, and B-vitamins to stimulate hair follicles for a fuller appearance. Suitable for all hair types, including color-treated, the conditioner combats and addresses thinning hair so you can experience dramatically improved hair density.

*Helps fight hair loss
*Conditions the scalp
*Nourishes and strengthens hair
*Inhibits the formation of dandruff and controls the sebaceous secretion


The Kairfoll Anti Hair Loss capillare lotion has been specifically formulated to help prevent hair fall and boost hair growth, rejuvenates hair roots & repairs damaged hair follicles. Get protected, luscious hair with the KAIRFOLL ANTI HAIR LOSS lotion.

Intensely formulated to encourage hair thickness, the concentrated salve leaves hair looking longer while feeling fuller, healthier and thicker. Made with a 21.5% active complex that combines six different technologies, the hair density lotion contains vegetable placenta protein an alternative to animal placental protein and a cocktail of multivitamin which works within days to resist hair fall while increasing hair density by 13% over the course of four months.

*Long shelf life
*Highly effective
*Skin friendly

*Helps fight hair loss
*Nourishes and strengthens hair
*Conditions the scalp
*Prevents the formation of dandruff and regulates the sebaceous secretion

Dealing with hair fall is never easy. But, this list of products offered by fair and silky can help restore your hair to its former glory in no time!, is an Online skin care, cosmetics and grooming Network offering multi-brand unique products from around the world along with Hair and Nail care for all genders.

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How to get rid of dark skin?

Fair skin is one of the strengths of all ladies who wish to look beautiful. Skin whitening cream can help you get rid of tan, scars, and get back your original complexion. Getting fair skin means a blessing for all those who have dark skin complexion. Fair and silky offers DermoWhite skin whitening cream at an afforadable price.

DermoWhite – Skin Whitening Cream

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Dermo White is the strongest recommended skin whitening cream for face and body, that aims to lighten dark, scars and pigmented areas to achieve a generally lighter skin tone. It contains the necessary vitamins to eliminate the heat and prevent moisture loss.

Dermo White is the skin whitening cream with 100% Natural ingredients ✔ 
# Vitamin B3 is the Perfect Solution for all problems of sunburn or hormones or dry skin✔
# Vitamin C gives shine to your skin ✔ 
# Wheat oil provides moisturization to the skin, and protect Skin from harmful rays of the sun and give vitality and freshness to the skin.
# Dermo White is a perfect blend of all the Vitamins mentioned above.

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